Hi ,

Thanks for your quick reply.

The extensions are installed.

What we observed is... if we run the program ConsolesApiLiveTest.java within the IDEA of jcloud source code (2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) it works as expected. The VNC Console URL is printed.

But if we bring the source file outside the IDEA and compile as a standalone application with jcloud 1.9.2 jars the below error is shown.

We are quite puzzled with this behaviour. Are we missing something during linking of jars or class files??


user@user-Latitude-E6420:~/jclouds$ ls lib/openstack-nova-1.9.2.jar

user@user-Latitude-E6420:~/jclouds$ javac -classpath ".:lib/*" ConsolesApiLiveTest.java

user@user-Latitude-E6420:~/jclouds$ java -classpath ".:lib/*" ConsolesApiLiveTest
Consoles extension not present in server

From:"Ignasi Barrera" <nacx@apache.org>
Date:Mon, August 8, 2016 9:05 pm
Subject:Re: Getting Extensions for console with jclouds openstack-nova

This is because your OpenStack installation does not have the console extension enabled.

* What OpenStack version are you using?
* Which is the output of the "nova service-list" command?

El 8 ago. 2016 5:05 p. m., sathish@lab27.in> escribió:

Hi ,

We are trying to test the console API of Openstack-Nova from the tests provided by jcluds-git-hub repo.

The Test API is "ConsolesApiLiveTest"

After running the test we are getting the error

"Consoles extension not present in server.".  

But nova extension list is displaying the authtoken extension.

So any one faced this issue or have a solution for this please explore it.

Thaks in advance.