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From Jordan Digby <jadi...@viator.com>
Subject Lateral JMS cache
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 00:47:50 GMT
Have developed a new auxiliary cache, similar to the Lateral cache (and 
modelled on the Javagroups lateral), which uses JMS rather than TCP/IP 
sockets to co-ordinate the caches.  It's also similar to the Remote 
cache, in that 'puts' are not synch'd between lateral caches, rather a 
'remove' or a 'put' invalidates the entries in all the caches, forcing a 
reload of that entry. 

It's all tested and seems to work fine, and I'm more than happy to 
submit it for review, and write some doco and unit tests etc.

However one question I have is to do with the 'dispose' and 'destroy' 

When it's time to shut down the caches, I (as a developer) would like 
the LateralJMS cache to cleanly shut down all the JMS connections.  I 
figure the 'dispose' method is the right place to do this.

However, tracing back, this is called by the 'CompositeCache' dispose 
method.  But I can't see where *this* can be called from.  As a user, I 
can call a methoid 'destroy' but a) this is deprecated, and b) it simply 
removes all the entries from the cache.  The 'dispose' method in 
CacheAccess is protected.

Can you tell me how I can advise the cache that it's time to dispose itself?


Jordan Digby

jordan digby [jadigby@viator.com]
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