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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: Next PhotArk Release
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 04:15:46 GMT
On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 11:59 PM, Luciano Resende <> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 3:03 AM, Luciano Resende <> wrote:
>>>> I was looking into what we have today, and it seems that the AppEngine
>>>> support is broken. I have fixed all the issues in the Tuscany side
>>>> which will start working on a release in the next couple days. Should
>>>> we wait for the new Tuscany release ?
>>>> If we can get that working by the Tuscany release, then its better waiting
>>> for some days
>> Ok, so I'll move us to a Tuscany snapshot (and then a release
>> snapshot) and test to make sure things are working for AppEngine.
> I have started working on Tuscany M5.1, which will have all the fixes
> we need, and PhotArk is back working in GAE at [1]. I'll call a vote
> on the Tuscany release soon, and I guess we can start working on the
> PhotArk release that will depend on that.
> [1]

I'm done with the Tuscany release that have the fixes we need. We
should be good to start working on the new release now unless we want
to wait for the subscription ui.

Thoughts ?

Luciano Resende

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