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From Stuart Johnson <>
Subject Re: Google App Engine
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2010 02:43:28 GMT

> Hey Stuart
>     We support deploying PhotArk in Google AppEngine, and we seem to be
> a good option for you. We still need to add a small adapter to read
> from the blob store, but other then that, we should be able to be your
> GAE Gallery. Would you feel comfortable helping us write the "blob
> store" adapter ?

Hi Luciano, yes I am happy to help. I have only been working with 
Java/Eclipse/AppEngine for a week, so it's fairly new to me. I'm using 
App Engine as a data store for a Mono/C# server application I have.  I'm 
working with pictures at the moment, but would like to add video support 


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