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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: [GSoC 2010] Project Proposal - Implement Search and Tagging Functionality
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2010 05:56:42 GMT
Overall, the idea looks very interesting, some comments below...

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 10:25 PM, Phillipe Ramalho
<> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm willing spend this summer contributing to an open source project, so I
> decided to apply for GSoC (again) this year.
> I went through PhotArk (ran and tested it) and I think it's lacking of a
> search functionality. I think a search functionality would help users to
> find photos more quickly, mainly when there are hundreds/thousands of photos
> in their galleries.
> My idea is to implement a search app, exposed as service using Apache
> Tuscany, which will be responsible for indexing photo metadata and search
> execution.

You mean, search component, right ? It might be good to create some
kind of eventing system here, that would allow various services to
attach themselves to the image/album service and do some stuff when
new photos are added to the gallery/album.

> This service would be optionally (whether the user wants search
> functionality or not) used by photoark service, so  every new album/photo
> added to it would be pushed to the search service and it would take care of
> indexing it properly.

What do you mean by optionally ? I guess this could just be part of
the UI and default ON for the default webapp.

> The user could use the service to search using a query string and it would
> return URLs to the photos contained in the results. Optionally with some
> extra info, haven't thought about that yet.

Independent of how it might happen on the "integration" side... for
the photArk application, we should have a "search box" on the UI. We
should think about enabling search for the whole gallery, or for a
specific album...

> I plan to use Apache Lucene for indexing and search, because it's open
> source and I already have some experience on it.

> Adding up to the search functionality, I would like to implement a tagging
> functionality, which would allow the user to attach some text (tag) to its
> photos, this way providing more data to search for. The tags would also be
> indexed/stored in the search index.

Tag is indeed something that was in my mind already...  so +1..

One unrelated thing is to think about how we group photos together...
should we continue using albums... or should we have a flat structure
for all pictures and use Tags as a way to group them, allowing the
same picture to easily be in multiple tags... etc...

> Well, these are my first ideas, I hope I have given a clear idea what I'm
> planning for PhotArk if I get accepted on GSoC program this year.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?
> --
> Phillipe Ramalho

Luciano Resende

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