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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Standalone PhotArk and duplicate UI resources
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2009 05:05:26 GMT
We currently have photark-embedded and photark-webapp projects, that
provide different ways to run PhotArk (directly from IDE with a
embedded http server, or hosted on a web app server). While I like the
embedded option, we currently have two copies of html and other UI
stuff that need to be maintained and keep in sync, and the way things
are now are not so good. I want to run two options that come to mind
with you guys :

- Create a separate maven project that would hold the PhotArk UI
pieces, and build would be responsible to bring them together in the
webapp and embedded projects, thus allowing having us to only maintain
these pieces in one place

- Just get rid of standalone project and concentrate in the webapp
version we have.

Although I'm inclined to do the second option, I believe the first
option might help us in the long run, as it would allow us to have
multiple package of the webapp without any resource duplication (e.g
one simple war for google app engine, another more heavy one using JCR
repository, etc)

Thoughts ? Does anyone know other projects that might have the same
usage scenario so we can take a look on how they solved the

Luciano Resende

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