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Subject Re: PhotArk's own web site (was Re: svn commit: r692741 - /incubator/photark/site/)
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 21:58:15 GMT
Hey Martin,

If you could create a PHOTARKxSITE space in confluence, I could do the
rest.... Considering people would fell ok with this approach for the

On 9/7/08, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Roland Weber <> wrote:
>> Hi Luciano,
>> I'm just catching up with my mail, I was away for the weekend.
>> Luciano Resende wrote:
>>> I was thinking on a simple page (generated from xml) just to get
>>> started, to avoid waiting for confluence space creation. But if we can
>>> get a confluence space ready soon, I think it's much easier to
>>> maintain it in the long term. What do others think ?
>> I'm familiar with the XML/Anakia approach and like it.
>> I'm also familiar with Maven site generation and hate it.
>> I haven't tried Confluence yet. But I don't remember a
>> wiki in the list of resources that we requested. There are
>> two kinds of wiki available, Confluence and something else
>> (MoinMoin?). I've only used "something else" so far.
> You're correct in both that there are two different wikis available
> (Confluence and MoinMoin), and that we didn't initially request a wiki.
> There are also two different purposes for a wiki:
> * As a regular wiki, where pretty much anyone can sign up and contribute.
> This can be either Confluence or MoinMoin.
> * As a site generation wiki, where all contributors must have an iCLA on
> file. Only Confluence is supported for this, as far as I'm aware.
> Some projects have two separate Confluence spaces, once for the web site and
> one for "normal" wiki purposes (e.g. SLING and SLINGxSITE). Others have only
> one or the other.
> I don't think we need to decide right now whether or not we want a "normal"
> wiki, although of course we can if we're ready to. The only caveat, I think,
> would be that it would be rather odd if we chose a MoinMoin wiki and also
> chose to have a Confluence-generated web site. ;-)
> With respect to getting us set up, I can create Confluence spaces, although
> I've never set up the auto-export necessary for site generation before. I
> can probably also create a MoinMoin wiki. If we go with XML / Anakia, I
> think we already have everything we need.
> Really what it comes down to is how people want to edit the site -- via a
> Confluence wiki interface or by editing XML files and building. Both work
> just fine, and there are many examples of each at the ASF, so I don't think
> we can go wrong either way. I don't know if there are any limitations on the
> site imposed by using the Confluence approach, but people can look at the
> various examples at the ASF to see what can be done. (Looking at
> any space that has 'xSITE' in it is a Confluence
> auto-exported site, as is WW and a few others.)
> --
> Martin Cooper
> In other words, I'll be fine with either XML or Confluence.
>> cheers,
>>  Roland

Luciano Resende
Apache Tuscany Committer

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