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From Angela Cymbalak <>
Subject importing photark into eclipse
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 15:30:44 GMT
Hi All,

I've run into a problem between Eclipse and Maven, I suspect.  I have 
followed Luciano's directions a few times in order to get the project 

Maven fetches everything appropriately and the build appears to be 
successful.  I have what look to be correct .project and .classpath 
files.  My problem is on the import.  When I do a straight import of 
the project (File > Import > Existing Projects Into Workspace) the 
project is imported but not as a Java project as it should 
be.  Because it isn't imported as a Java project I lose the ability 
to run the application as needed.

After several days of googling and reading I haven't been able to 
find a way to force Eclipse to recognize that this *is* a java 
project.  I am using Eclipse 3.3 on Vista (ick) for my 
development.  Can anyone point me in the correct direction?


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