I've never tried leaving out the assembly name in the implementation attribute.  Does anyone know if this is required?

I've also never declared the BaseDao in the dao.config. It never get instantiated directly, so I don't think there is a need.


Brian Kierstead
    Data Access  Interface and Interface's Implementation in same Assembly
    Is not Data Access Interface allowed have a super interface?
======== 2006-09-15 22:59:21  ========
Do you need to have the assembly named for the implementation as well?

Like this:
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IBaseDao, DAL" 
           implementation="DAL.MapperDAO.BaseMapperDao, DAL"/>
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IFlowDAO, DAL" 
           implementation="DAL.MapperDAO.FlowMapDao, DAL"/>	


Brian Kierstead
   Thanks for your reply.
   But I aleady add tags in my dao.config fileLike this:
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IBaseDao, DAL" 
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IFlowDAO, DAL" 

======= 2006-09-15 22:36:27 =======

You are probably missing the interface and implementation tags in your
dao.config file for Flow.


  i have two interface:IBaseDao, IFlowDao. IFlowDao inherited from IBaseDao.
  IBaseDao have a method, named QueryForObjectByID(string id). class BaseMapperDao implement interface IBaseDao and interface IDaoFlowMapDao inherited from BaseMapperDao and implement IFlowDaoThe class
diagram is:

	IBaseDao<|-- IFlowDao
	IBaseDao,IDao <|-- BaseMapperDao
	BaseMapperDao,IFlowDao <|--	FlowMapDao

Buti have a Exception:
	Method 'QueryForObjectByID' in type 'ProxyInterfaceMapperDAOBaseMapperDao_IBaseDao_IDao_ISerializable' from assembly 'DynamicAssemblyProxyGen, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f362209d9bee91d8' does not have an implementation. 

I have write QueryForObjectById in class BaseMapperDao.
I don't know how to resolve the exception.Please Help me ,thanks.