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From "汪彬彬" <bbw...@longtop.com>
Subject Re: Re: Problem with form IDao Inherited a New DAO Interface
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:10:27 GMT
Brian Kierstead
    Data Access  Interface and Interface's Implementation in same Assembly。
    Is not Data Access Interface allowed have a super interface?

======== 2006-09-15 22:59:21  ========

Do you need to have the assembly named for the implementation as well?

Like this:

      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IBaseDao, DAL" 
           implementation="DAL.MapperDAO.BaseMapperDao, DAL"/>
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IFlowDAO, DAL" 
           implementation="DAL.MapperDAO.FlowMapDao, DAL"/>	


汪彬彬 wrote: 
Brian Kierstead
   Thanks for your reply.
   But I aleady add tags in my dao.config file。Like this:
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IBaseDao, DAL" 
      <dao interface="DAL.IDAO.IFlowDAO, DAL" 

======= 2006-09-15 22:36:27 =======

You are probably missing the interface and implementation tags in your
dao.config file for Flow.


汪彬彬 wrote:
  i have two interface:IBaseDao, IFlowDao. IFlowDao inherited from IBaseDao.
  IBaseDao have a method, named QueryForObjectByID(string id). class BaseMapperDao implement
interface IBaseDao and interface IDao。FlowMapDao inherited from BaseMapperDao and implement
IFlowDao。The class
diagram is:

	IBaseDao<|-- IFlowDao
	IBaseDao,IDao <|-- BaseMapperDao
	BaseMapperDao,IFlowDao <|--	FlowMapDao。

But,i have a Exception:
	Method 'QueryForObjectByID' in type 'ProxyInterfaceMapperDAOBaseMapperDao_IBaseDao_IDao_ISerializable'
from assembly 'DynamicAssemblyProxyGen, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f362209d9bee91d8'
does not have an implementation. 

I have write QueryForObjectById in class BaseMapperDao.
I don't know how to resolve the exception.Please Help me ,thanks.
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