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From "Per Magne Bjornerud" <PMBjorne...@interlect.co.jp>
Subject Obtaining error messages instead of null values for bad data cases?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 06:14:09 GMT
I'm using iBatis to let the user upload data with CSV files.

Some fields map to integer values in the object. If the CSV file
contains an mapping to an int field, but the CSV file contains a string
value - then iBatis maps this to 0. (or null for nullable types)

This causes the following issue: For CSV files with optional fields, I
cannot tell if the fields with null values are due to allowed null
values or bad data. And I need to know about the cases with bad data.

Is there any way to obtain this information when mapping with iBatis?

Per Magne Bjornerud

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