I will try to have look this week-end

On 1/25/06, Chad Humphries <chad.humphries@gmail.com> wrote:
I must have missed that file :)  Sorry about the size.

I only touched upon the methods I discussed for the moment.  Since I
can't build a strongly typed version with nant (the build script
issues mentioned earlier) I haven't been able to test it outside of
small test apps and the unit tests.

There is a note in the code about the listClass, basically it ignores
it if you are using the generics version of the QueryForList, instead
returning a List<YourObject>.  I figured for a first pass that makes a
lot more sense.  If the user wants a strongly typed collection of some
other sort, they call the still in place non generic version.


On 1/24/06, Ron Grabowski <rongrabowski@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks for taking a look at this! I don't know a lot about .NET 2.0 (my
> company hasn't switched over yet)...is it possible to do something like
> this:
>  listClass="List<House>"
> Did you see other areas that needed worked on? Are the dynamic sql
> operators ok the way they are (<iterate>, <isGreaterThan>, etc.)?
> I think Generics.patch is so big because it has the log4net.xml file in
> it.
> --- Chad Humphries < chad.humphries@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Ok,  the patch is large, so I've uploaded it to my site
> > ( http://tiredidea.com/files/ibatis-generics.zip).
> >
> > This file contains:
> > -New build of Castle.DynamicProxy for .NET v2.0
> > -New Solution/Csproj files for dotnet2
> > -New conditional compilation symbol: dotnet2 for dotnet2 projects to
> > wrap v2 code from 1.1
> > -Modifications to support the new methods listed below, with copies
> > of
> > certain test cases using generics
> >
> > What it doesn't contain:
> > -Modifications to the build scripts (nant) to support building via
> > nant.  I'm not really clear on the build script structure, but it has
> > hardcoded paths to nant tasks that I don't have on my machine at the
> > moment.
> [snip]