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From Gilles Bayon <ibatis....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ibatis 1.3.0 / ODP 10g : NUMBER dbType - Double/Decimal .NET Type
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 18:57:03 GMT
Bonjour Nicolas

The best solution is to use a custom type handler that overrides IBatisNet's

   handler="CustomDoubleTypeHanlder" />
</typeHandlers> (in SqlMap.config)

Ron use such a solution to overrides IBatisNet's DateTimeTypeHandler.


On 1/11/06, nicolas.theron@bnpparibas.com <nicolas.theron@bnpparibas.com>
> Hi
> I am migrating my application from MIcrosoft Oracle Provider
> (System.Data.OracleClient) to ODP 10.0.4  (Oracle.DataAccess). and I
> experiment some problems with NUMBER dbType.
> According to the ODP Documentation, NUMBER should be read with the
> OracleDataAdapter.GetDecimal() method and not
> OracleDataAdapter.GetDouble(). With MS Provider, GetDouble works propoerly
> Unfortunately, all my C# objects use double type. with MS Provider, I let
> the AutoMapReader map the query result into my object properties. But with
> ODP, it does not work anymore :(  Indeed, The AutoMapReader still use
> GetDouble.
> So, Can Ibatis convert decimal to double for me at the mapping step ? Do I
> write a Custom Type Handlers  ? or is the any other solution more clever ?
> Obviously, I can replace in my code all double type to Decimal type, and
> add everywhere some Convert.ToDouble to avoid interface modfication but is
> is quite boring.
> Regards

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