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From "Nick Riebeek" <Nick.Rieb...@gov.ab.ca>
Subject Dynamically Selecting a Stored Procedure
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:15:05 GMT


Just wondering if what I am attempting is at all possible, I am trying
to dynamically select a stored procedure in my mapping file as below:


<procedure id="Inventory.Select" 


                  parameterMap="Inventory.ParameterMap" >


                        <isNotEmpty property="EffectiveDate">



                        <isEmpty property="EffectiveDate">






The problem I am running into is that it appears the parameterMap is not
being populated when I add the <dynamic> tag and therefore I get an
ArgumentOutOfRange exception because iBatis is trying to retrieve the
values from the Parameter Map but no Parameter Map has been loaded.


Is there a way that I can specify an inline parameter map with a stored
procedure call?







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