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From saima salim <s_salim_vir...@yahoo.com>
Subject New to IBATIS.NET..and have Problems
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 06:05:32 GMT
  I was studying about the IBATIS.
  1:- All i understand is that by usng one Mapper class that is singleton and 
  2 Xml files one for define Mapping and other Configuration file ...we can implement the
concept of IBATIS....
  and it helps us to reduce the code that was usually written for this purpose 
  is there any thing more to it ?????? please let me know...
  2:-The other thing that i didnt understand that how to use that in my project ..
  i have downloaded the IBatisNet.DataMapper-bin-1.3.0 and IBatisNet.DataAccess-bin-1.7.0
now i dont know how to use it ...and i cant related this to the thing i mention in 1st point
..how they can help me for the above purpose ????
  3:-i real ly didnt understan that how can i use that in my project ??
  4:-from where i can get the step by step guidance of using this so many DLLS in my project
and how they will help me ????
  i will really appricate if any one will reply me at earliest ...

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