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From "David Stuart" <da...@gate121.com>
Subject FW: specified method is not supported
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:07:39 GMT
I've used the NPetstore as jumping off point for an application that I'm
writing as the moment. The issue occurs when I move it from my local
development environment to the live machines. Although there are no issues
in connecting to the database, and performing queries normally, there is one
page that is throwing an exception......
Exception : 	at
NLogic.Brewtopia.Service.CatalogService.GetItemListByStatus(Int32 status,
Int32 pageSize) in
c:\projects\brewtopia\nlogic.brewtopia.service\catalogservice.cs:line 114 at
t32 status, Int32 pageSize) in
n.cs:line 85 at
ContentId, HttpContext context) in
n.cs:line 27 at NLogic.Brewtopia.Web.Default.Page_Load(Object sender,
EventArgs e) in
c:\projects\brewtopia\nlogic.brewtopia.web\default.aspx.cs:line 51 at
System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) at
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at

Error message : 	Error executing query 'GetItemListByStatus' for
paginated list. Cause: Specified method is not supported.	
The machines differ in that dev is an XP machine using mysql 4.1 and live is
a 03 server using mysql 5.0.
On reflection it this is the only page at the moment that returns a list,
paginated in this case, but during my testing I changed it to a plain list
with no change in result.  I'm using the ByteFX connector to get to the DB 

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