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From "Eric Kappotis" <erickappo...@investorscapital.com>
Subject MySQL 5.0, Connector/NET, and Ibatis Data Mapper 1.2.1
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:55:40 GMT


I was wondering if anyone else was having any problems getting statements to
receive parameters with MySQL Server 5.0, Connector/NET 1.0.7 and Data
Mapper 1.2.1.  I notice that whenever I try to send a parameter using a
QueryForList method the result is null.  However if I switch the database to
an Access Database (which can't be used for production) then the Query with
the parameters works.  Is there something I am missing to get this to work
with MySQL or is this a known issue that I haven't ran across yet?  I was
just curious if anyone had gotten this to work successfully.


Thanks for your time,


Eric Kappotis

Web Developer

Investors Capital Corporation

1-800-949-1422 x231

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