Congratulation to both of you! Well deserved!


leesf <> 于2021年7月16日周五 下午6:38写道:
Hi all,

Please join me in congratulating our newest committers Pengzhiwei and DannyChan.

Pengzhiwei has been a consistent contributor to Hudi, he has contributed numerous features to Hudi, such as Spark SQL integration with Hudi, Spark Structured Streaming Source for Hudi and Spark FileIndex for Hudi and also lots of other good contributions around Spark, and also very active to answer users's questions. He is a solid team player and an asset to the project. 

DannyChan has contributed many good features, such as new streaming write pipeline for Flink with automatic compaction and cleaning (COW and MOR), batch and streaming reader for Flink (COW and MOR) and support Flink SQL connectors (reader and writer), he is actively join the ML and answer users' questions as well as wrote a Hudi Flink integration guide and launched a live show to promote Hudi Flink integration for Chinese users.

Thanks so much for your continued contributions to make Hudi better and better! 

Also I would like to introduce the current state of Hudi in China. Hudi becomes more and more popular in China with the help of all community members and has been adopted by almost all top companies in China, including Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDance, Huawei, Tencent and other companies, from startups to large companies, data scale from TB to PB. You would find the logo wall below(PS: unofficial statistics, just listed some of them and you can contact me to add your company logo if wanted). 

We would not achieve this without such a good community and the contribution of all community members. Cheers and Go!