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From wei li <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Consolidate all dev collaboration to Github
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2021 09:39:37 GMT

On 2021/07/02 03:40:51, Vinoth Chandar <> wrote: 
> Hi all,
> When we incubated Hudi, we made some initial choices around collaboration
> tools of choice. I am wondering if there are still optimal, given the scale
> of the community at this point.
> Specifically, two points.
> A) Our issue tracker is JIRA, while we just use Github Issues for support
> triage. While JIRA is pretty advanced and gives us the ability to track
> releases, versions and kanban boards, there are few practical operational
> problems.
> - Developers often open bug fixes/PR which all need to be continuously
> tagged against a release version (fix version)
> - Referencing JIRAs from Pull Requests is great (we cannot do things like
> `fixes #1234` to close issues when PR lands, not an easy way to click and
> get to the JIRA)
> - Many more developers have a github account, to contribute to Hudi though,
> they need an additional sign-up on jira.
> So wondering if we should just use one thing - Github Issues, and build
> scripts/hubot or something to get the missing project management from
> boards.
> B) Our design docs are on cWiki. Even though we link it off the site, from
> my experience, many do not discover them.
> For large PRs, we need to manually enforce that design and code are in sync
> before we land. If we can, I would love to make RFC being in good shape a
> pre-requisite for landing the PR.
> Once again, separate signup is needed to write design docs or comment on
> them.
> So, wondering if we can move our process docs etc into Github Wiki and RFCs
> to the master branch in a rfc folder, and we just use github PRs to raise
> RFCs and discuss them.
> This all also makes it easy for us to measure community activity and keep
> streamlining our processes.
> personally, these different channels are overwhelming to me at-least :)
> Love to hear thoughts. Please specify if you are for,against each of A and
> B.
> Thanks
> Vinoth

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