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From Umbre Gachoong <>
Subject [users@httpd] attempting to set zend server and xampp on the same machine
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 21:36:55 GMT
I am attempting to set up the zend server and xampp on the same machine but
I am running into problems.

I came across documentation on the zend site that said you cannot do this.
However the folks over at apachefriends said you can.

I have since discovered that I can run some of the zendframework examples
within xampp by downloading the zendframework2 library and the skeleton app
from git and I am doing this right now.

However, I would like to know how to set them both up without having any
conflicts both for the apache2 server and phpmyadmin. (One of the
frustrating things is trying to load phpmyadmin in the deployment dialog by
using the zpk tool in Zend).

What I did in trying to set up both servers on windows 7 is as follows:

First I have tried to set up the httpd conf files separately for each
server, xampp running on port 8082 , and zend running on port 8088.

At the time xampp would work, but zend server would not. This is after
setting up the virtual host files separately for each server.

Question 1: Where are the zend server error logs?

Earlier, I was able to get both of them running configuring the xampp
server httpd-conf file alone, however, I experienced problems with
phpmyadmin even after configuring phpmyadmin on xampp to work on a
different port other than 3306.

Second question here: how to set up the two mysql phpmyadmin instances so
they do not conflict with each other?

Here is the xampp virtual host section:

##ServerAdmin DocumentRoot
"C:/xampp/htdocs/" ServerName localhost 8082 ##ServerAlias ##ErrorLog
"logs/" ##CustomLog
"logs/" common

Here is the zend virtual host section:

 DocumentRoot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2/htdocs"
 ServerName localhost:8088


I have looked at this and this
I am obviously doing something wrong here.

I also have the java sdk running on this machine with tomcat and apache and
I have no conflicts- too bad this is not the case for zend server and xampp

Thanks umbre gachoong

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