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From Tim Wetzel <>
Subject Concurrent access to request body by multiple modules
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2020 14:29:42 GMT
Hi everyone,

I hope this questions fits into the scope of this mailing list...

I developed a module for httpd that implements the specifications of 
RFC3230 (instance digests) for data integrity checks after transferring 
files to a web server via WebDAV. The source code is available on github 
( if you would like to 
have a look at it.

Currently, the module provides a hash of a file on disk in response to 
an HTTP request with header token "Want-Digest:SHA" and returns it in an 
HTTP header token of the form "Digest: SHA=XXX" for a SHA hash. MD5 and 
ADLER32 digests are also supported.

The module is in a working state but I would like to optimize it's 
response time when calculating the digest as the response takes some 
time for large files. At the moment, the file is read from disk and the 
digest is calculated in chunks. Now I would like to already calculate 
all the supported digests when the file is written to disk, i.e. when 
received via WebDAV.

Is there any possibility of having the module use, for example, a bucket 
brigade or anything I am not aware of that is already in use by WebDAV 
and thus operate on the request body of a file from a PUT request in 
parallel/concurrently to WebDAV?

Best regards and cheers,


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