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From Eric Covener <>
Subject hand-tended *.dsp files and Windows
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 17:40:35 GMT
I have an old out-of-tree module that has a copied/hand-written
mod_foo.dsp. I have an entry for it in apache.dsw in my overall Apache

It is a relatively complex module that makes extensive use of stuff
exported from e.g. libhttpd.lib with no issues.

But when I include http_main.h to use ap_server_conf, linking fails on Windows.

I only ever use VC6/msdev, and I build mod_foo via an append to apache.dsw.

When I add /VERBOSE to the link, I can see it searching libhttpd.lib:

Searching Libraries
    Searching C:\cygwin64\home\covener\REGRES~1\vstudio\Win2003SDK\Lib\kernel32.lib:
    Searching C:\cygwin64\home\covener\REGRES~1\vstudio\Win2003SDK\Lib\wsock32.lib:
    Searching ..\..\..\srclib\apr\Release\libapr-1.lib:
    Searching ..\..\..\srclib\apr-util\Release\libaprutil-1.lib:
    Searching ..\..\..\Release\libhttpd.lib:
    Searching C:\cygwin64\home\covener\REGRES~1\vstudio\Win2003SDK\Lib\Advapi32.lib:
    Searching \cygwin64\home\covener\SRC\2.4.x\srclib\apr\Release\libapr-1.lib:
    Searching \cygwin64\home\covener\SRC\2.4.x\srclib\apr-util\Release\libaprutil-1.lib:
    Searching \cygwin64\home\covener\SRC\2.4.x\Release\libhttpd.lib:
    Searching C:\cygwin64\home\covener\REGRES~1\vstudio\VC6\VC98\Lib\MSVCRT.lib:
    Searching C:\cygwin64\home\covener\REGRES~1\vstudio\VC6\VC98\Lib\OLDNAMES.lib:
Done Searching Libraries
End Pass1
mod_foo.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _ap_server_conf

Anyone have a clue or debug hints?   The sanitized DSP file is here:

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