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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Re: Debugging mod_websocket -- any others out there?
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 22:40:48 GMT

>> My suspicion is that the two-brigade approach clashes with the fact that
>> OpenSSL can read from the socket during its writes and vice-versa. But
>> that's only a suspicion -- for all I know, mod_ssl and/or Apache might
>> have synchronization techniques that make parallel brigades safe.
> My guess was that it worked without SSL as the brigades have separate
> allocators. However, SSL can write when it's reading and vice versa
> (to implement the SSL protocol), and this caused problems. You want
> as multi-core a machine as possible to demonstrate it (my single core
> VM was not a good plan).

Okay, good to see you had the same hunch.

> I tried libwebsockets originally (years ago) and ran into that issue, or
> something similar. I then tried again, and it's no longer an issue as far
> as I can tell. I'm using the external poll stuff, and getting the flow
> control right was a little hairy. On the specific issue (large writes
> of data towards the client), I think I limit the amount in each ws
> packet (for streaming, that's irrelevant); perhaps that just hides the
> issue.

Makes sense.

> The other thing I was planning to look at was how modproxy-wstunnel
> and friends work - they must face a similar problem.

It looks like mod_proxy_wstunnel creates a pollset on the underlying
sockets. Then it waits for incoming data on both, and writes/flushes
(blocking, I think) any bytes received from one to the other.

It makes me a little nervous that the module is polling on the socket
while reading through the brigade, but I think at this point I'm going
to try to retrofit that logic onto mod_websocket and see where it gets
me. The key advantage is that there's only one thread reading and
writing, which makes me much more comfortable...

Polling has the issue that I need to wake up the brigade-owner-thread
whenever I want to send a message from server to client. On *nix I would
use a self-pipe; on Windows I'm not sure. Maybe APR has an abstraction
for socketpair()?

Jacob Champion
National Instruments

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