Dear all

i'm experiencing a problem with shared memory and i'm not able to figure it out.

i've got a segment of shared memory in my module config and seen that if set some settings for the module in my configuration this memory isn't available in the request process.

i've also attached an example (very simplified and without any mutex, just to show the case).

i've noticed that if i have in my server configuration:

 <IfModule mod_kcache.c>
      KcacheEnabled On

The memory segment is not availabe:

>>[Thu Dec 04 15:26:15 2014] [crit] [client] kcache_return_result invalid  config->s

But if i comment this directive:

 <IfModule mod_kcache.c>
#      KcacheEnabled On

The memory segment is available and gets updated:

>>[Thu Dec 04 15:24:47 2014] [debug] src/mod_kcache.c(96): [client] config->s->counter=68
>>[Thu Dec 04 15:24:48 2014] [debug] src/mod_kcache.c(96): [client] config->s->counter=69
>>[Thu Dec 04 15:24:48 2014] [debug] src/mod_kcache.c(96): [client] config->s->counter=70

i've attached the full example (100 lines of code) 

I'll appreciate any help, thank all in advance