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From Pon Umapathy Kailash S <>
Subject Re: response handling inside ap_hook_create_request cb function
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:20:17 GMT
Thanks for your response, Robert.

This sounds workable(with some modifications for my use-case). Can you
please clarify regarding a few of these points?

"These are converted to HTTP and then passed on, the HTTP response is
converted to the binary format and sent back."

 - To convert from the binary format to HTTP, input filters were used.
Is this correct?
 - How is the response conversion handled? Does this use a hook function cb?


On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 1:03 PM, Robert Mitschke
<> wrote:
> Hey Pon,
> I created something similar to what you have in mind by creating a
> connection handler. My goal was to create a bidirectional protocol for
> charge points for electric vehicles. I have requests coming from charge
> points that are in binary format. These are converted to HTTP and then
> passed on, the HTTP response is converted to the binary format and sent
> back. In addition requests coming from the backend system to the charge
> point arrive at the apache, are converted to binary format and then injected
> into the existing connection.
> I did this by implementing filters to convert the binary format to HTTP and
> by creating a connection handler that listens for incoming data from the
> charge point as well as for requests that are coming in from the backend
> systems. These are handled in separate request handlers which then
> communication with the connection handler internally via pipes.
> The connection handler is the entity that then decides on whether an when
> connections are closed or kept alive.
> Best regards,
> Robert
> 2013/9/27 Pon Umapathy Kailash S <>
>> Hi,
>> Here is a quick background on what I am trying to do(basically adding
>> support for websockets - in a slightly customised manner as needed for
>> my app):
>> - Handle the initial handshake inside a cb function registered as a
>> handler hook(from here, I compute checksums required and return the
>> response headers as needed).
>>  Also, the socket from which the request was read is stored in a cache.
>> - For subsequent message reception(on the same connection), i have a
>> function cb registered using ap_hook_create_request(since this is a
>> different protocol format message). Here, I read and parse the
>> messages/requests which are coming in from the cached list of
>> sockets(this is working).
>> However, once I return from this cb, the connection/socket seems to be
>> closed. I guess the request is further passed down to hooks down the
>> line and the connection is closed since the req format is not known.
>> What would be the best way to handle this scenario?
>> I have the following in mind:
>>   - let the request not be processed any further(and keep the connection
>> on).
>>   - create a req structure with dummy http headers that i can later
>> recognise and handle inside my handler hook to just ignore later on
>> are there any examples/notes on how these can be achieved?
>> Regards,
>> Umapathy
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