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From Sindhi Sindhi <>
Subject Apache: Create server config only once
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 13:22:59 GMT

I see that the create_server_config callback is called twice for every
Apache server startup. I want to do a lot of initialization in this
callback and allocations in this function are meant to be long lived. And
these buffers are very huge, so I want to ensure these initializations are
done only once per server start. As of now I'm trying to do the following -

typedef struct
int bEnabled; // Enable or disable the module.
MyFilterInit* myFilterInitObj; // A class that has methods to do all huge
bool serverConfigured;
} MyFilterConfig;

static int serverConfigHit = 0;

static void* CreateServerConfig(apr_pool_t* pool, server_rec* virtServer) {
    MyFilterConfig *pExistingConfig = (MyFilterConfig *)
ap_get_module_config (virtServer,  &tag_filter_module);

if (serverConfigHit == 0) {
MyFilterConfig *pConfig = (MyFilterConfig *) apr_pcalloc (pool, sizeof
pConfig->myFilterInitObj = new MyFilterInit(); // This does all the huge
serverConfigHit = serverConfigHit +1;
return pConfig;
return pExistingConfig;

But I see an issue here. The second time when CreateServerConfig is called,
1. pExistingConfig is not having the address which was set during the first
call to CreateServerConfig
2. serverConfigHit is zero.

Which means when CreateServerConfig was called first time, all the
initializations I made is not recorded by the server. Which means all the
allocations I made in the first call using malloc/new will result in a
memory leak.

Kindly advice how do I ensure that my initializations are performed only


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