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From Sindhi Sindhi <>
Subject Apache Buckets and Brigade
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 12:54:24 GMT

Thanks a lot for providing answers to my earlier emails with subject
"Apache C++ equivalent of javax.servlet.Filter". I really appreciate your

I had another question. My requirement is something like this -

I have a huge html file that I have copied into the Apache htdocs folder.
In my C++ Apache module, I want to get this html file contents and
remove/replace some strings.

Say I have a HTML file that has the string "oldString" appearing 3 times in
the file. My requirement is to replace "oldString" with the new string
"newString". I have already written a C++ function that has a signature
like this -

char* processHTML(char* inHTMLString) {
char* newHTMLWithNewString = <code to replace all occurrences of
"oldString" with "newString">
return newHTMLWithNewString;

The above function does a lot more than just string replace, it has lot of
business logic implemented and finally returns the new HTML string.

I want to call processHTML() inside my C++ Apache module. As I know Apache
maintains an internal data structure called Buckets and Brigades which
actually contain the HTML file data. My question is, is the entire HTML
file content (in my case the html file is huge) residing in a single
bucket? Means, when I fetch one bucket at a time from a brigade, can I be
sure that the entire HTML file data from <html> to </html> can be found in
a single bucket? For ex. if my html file looks like this -
... oldString...........oldString..

When I iterate through all buckets of a brigade, will I find my entire HTML
file content in a single bucket OR the HTML file content can be present in
multiple buckets, say like this -

bucket-1 contents =
... oldString...........oldString..

bucket-1 contents =

bucket-2 contents =
... oldString...........oldString..

If its case2, then the the function processHTML() I have written will not
work because it searches for the entire string "oldString" and in case2
"oldString" is found only partially.

Thanks a lot.

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