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From Neil McKee <>
Subject Re: Module External Configuration
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:29:13 GMT
In the mod-sflow implementation I have one thread responsible for reading in new configuration
as it changes and writing it to a shared-memory area where the worker-processes/threads can
pick it up whenever it changes.   I don't know if that is the best way or not,  but it's one
data point for you.   Source code is here:


On Jun 20, 2011, at 11:39 AM, Jason Funk wrote:

> Hello,
> The module that I am writing has an external configuration file that it
> parses and loads into configuration when the server loads. Before every
> request it checks to see if the configuration file has been updated and if
> it has it reloads the configuration. The configuration should be shared over
> the entire server. The problem I am running into is that after the
> configuration file is updated the new configuration gets reloaded and stored
> in memory but after a little while, the configuration reverts back to it's
> previous version. I assume that this is because a new process was spawned to
> handle a new request and the updated memory didn't get carried over (even
> though the pointer address didn't change...)
> My question is this: What mechanism should I be using in order to
> store persistent, mutable, configuration data that is shared between every
> child process?
> Jason

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