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From Hardy Griech <>
Subject Re: mod_gnutls and mod_proxy (TLS termination)
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 19:10:10 GMT
On 03.05.2011 00:13, Ben Noordhuis wrote:
> On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 20:51, Hardy Griech<>  wrote:
>> Now my concern is, how can I reliably catch the condition that the
>> connection has been initiated by mod_proxy.  Any ideas?
> r->proxyreq != PROXYREQ_NONE? Does 'initiated' mean 'request from an
> external reverse proxy' or 'request handled by mod_proxy'?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the code is in the pre-connection hook. 
  So no proxyreq available :-(

Also my previous patch does not work, if the destination server is on 
another machine.

Currently I'm checking (c->sbh == NULL) to detect the mod_proxy request 
(yes, I meant a mod_proxy request).

In mod_ssl they seem to have a similar problem with mod_proxy: mod_proxy 
calls some mod_ssl functions (ssl_proxy_enable() and 
ssl_engine_disable()) to signal a request handled by mod_proxy.

I've tried to implement also these two functions - without success, they 
are never called also I've tried to register them just like mod_ssl does 
(mod_ssl is not loaded BTW).

Anyone has an idea how to correctly detect a proxy handled connection?



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