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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: Overriding mod_rewrite from another module
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2011 23:15:59 GMT
>> The access checking on mod_pagespeed resources is
>> redundant, because the resource will either be served from cache (in which
>> case it had to be authenticated to get into the cache in the first place) or
>> will be decoded and the original resource(s) fetched from the same server
>> with full authentication.

Re: suppressing mod_authz_host: This doesn't sound like it guards
against a user that meets the AAA conditions causing the resource to
be cached and served to users who would not have met the AAA
restrictions.  Maybe you are missing a map_to_storage callback to tell
the core that this thing will really, really not be served from the

Re: suppressing rewrite.  Your comments in the src imply that rewrite
is doing some of what you're also suppressing in
server/core.c:ap_core_translate_name().  Also, it's odd that your
scheme for suppressing mod_rewrite wasn't a no-op for rewrite in
htaccess context, since these use the RUN_ALL fixups hook to do its
magic, but maybe you're catching a break there?

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