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From Neil McKee <>
Subject mod_sflow
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 23:06:19 GMT
Hello all,

A new module that exports log data using the sFlow protocol is available for review:

For details,  and usage examples,  see:

This module is designed for efficient,  centralized, real-time monitoring of large web clusters.
It also maintains a standard block of performance counters which are pushed via sFlow, but
can also be retrieved via a URL,  e.g. for trending in Cacti.

This module is designed to work in both "prefork" and "worker" models.  I would really
appreciate it if someone could review the design to make sure I made appropriate choices
about where to use pipes, shared-memory, mutex locking,  and so on(!)   These choices
are documented in the comment at the top of the mod_sflow.c file,  here:

The details of which fields should be exported and which counters should be maintained
is the subject of a discussion on the sFlow discussion group here:


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