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From Ray Morris <>
Subject Re: Help trying to figure out why an output_filter is not called.
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 01:40:57 GMT
   Just a quick note since you mentioned nginx.  Nginx is of
course normally used by people wanting higher performance than
they are getting from Apache, because certain tests seemed to
suggest that nginx can significantly outperform Apache in some
cases. If that's the case for you, we learned something very

   We wondered how nginx could possibly be much faster since the
speed of the disk itself is normally the limiting factor.  Was
there something to be learned from nginx which could be applied
to Apache?  At the end of all of the testing, we learned what
caused the large apparent difference.  noatime.  Nginx effectively
skips atime updates, which can make a huge difference.  By simply
mounting the directory with the "noatime" option, any reasonable
Apache configuration will have about the same performance as nginx,
which is basically the performance of the underlying storage.

    People build complex systems with nginx as a proxy to Apache,
but the same or better performance, with better standards compliance
and better reliability, can be obtained by just setting noatime
directly rather than using getting noatime accidentally as a
side effect of nginx.

    With noatime set, one server or another might be 1% faster,
but using TWO servers, with one as a proxy, will be slower than
just simply using Apache, and in no case will nginx be SIGNIFICANTLY
faster, when using noatime.
Ray Morris

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On 01/05/2011 03:16:21 PM, Ben Noordhuis wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 22:03, Joshua Marantz <>  
> wrote:
> > Right you are.  That's much simpler then.  Thanks!
> My pleasure, Joshua.
> Two quick questions, hope you don't mind: Is mod_pagespeed an official
> Google project? Or is it something you guys do on your day off? And
> are there plans for a nginx port?

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