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From Ryan Hamilton <>
Subject Inbound / Outbound connections?
Date Tue, 11 May 2010 16:04:35 GMT
Hi There,

I'm working on an apache module which would like to act as an input
filter for connections (not requests).  Initially, I added my module
unconditionally via ap_hook_pre_connection.  This seemed to work well,
but when I attempted to use mod_proxy, I discovered that my module was
attempting to filter the outbound proxy request.  Whoops!  Not quite
what I wanted.  When ap_hook_pre_connection is call, it has a conn_rec
structure.  Is there a straightforward way to tell if this connection
is an incoming connection (that we are listening on?) or an outbound
connection (to some other host)?

Or alternatively, am I going about this the totally wrong way?



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