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From Edgar Frank <>
Subject Re: Howto install headerfiles into <httpd>/include?
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 09:53:07 GMT
Hi list,

is anybody able to help me out with my issue? I hope
it's okay to bump my issue after being patient 5 days. :)

I tried to learn by example, tried to experiment and 
searched Google meanwhile for some hints but
couldn't find any advice.

Even a hint into the right direction would be perfect.


2010/04/28 Edgar Frank
>Hi list,
>I've written a module which provides a header file for other
>modules I've also written.
>Now I'm in the process of setting up some kind of installer. I
>want my first module (the one which provides the header file) to
>have its header installed into the <httpd>/include directory. As
>I don't just want to blindly copy the header into the apache
>install dir, I looked for a standard way to do this.
>As serveral other modules like mod_rewrite install their own
>header file, I tried to integrate my module into the apache
>build. I created my own directory under /modules, copied
>a config.m4 and adopted it for my purpose (nothing more than a
>For the sake of simplicity, let's assume it's just a single .c
>and .h file with minimalistic code (I also tried this simplest
>case). Than I ran buildconf, my module appears in configure,
>get's built and installed - but the header file won't be
>installed into include. I tried to mimic every step mod_rewrite
>does (except that it's bundled with the other mapper modules),
>but couldn't find out which step does the trick.
>Can anybody help me out with that? Any help will be greatly
>The OS is Linux (CentOS 5.4 x64). I use Apache 2.2.15. I think I
>should mention that I'm kind of a newbie with the autotools. If
>any further info is needed, just let me know.
>Btw - why are some of the .m4 files named config9.m4 or
>config5.m4? Is this on purpose and if yes, why?
>Kind regards,

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