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From <>
Subject Re: May have found the culprit was Re: ap_sub_req_lookup_uri(r->uri, r, NULL)->content_type always returns 'text/plain'?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

---- wrote: 
> Hi,
> With further testing, I think that I've identified that mod_limitipconn is not able to
get the Content-Type/content_type when the URL is being proxied to a WebLogic server via a
plugin/module that comes with WebLogic (the "WebLogic Plugin for Apache").
> [NOTE: mod_limitipconn still DOES get the correct content_type for other URLs that are
NOT being proxied by the WebLogic Plugin.]
> I've tried changing the LoadModule order, so that mod_limitipconn is both before and
after the WebLogic plugin/module in httpd.conf, and the order doesn't seem to matter.
> I guess that this might take this thread slightly off-topic, except that I still don't
understand why mod_limitipconn can't get the content_type, especially since the LoadModule
order doesn't seem to affect things :(...
> Jim


I've been continuing to try to figure this out, and quite frankly, I'm really stumped by this.

I don't know if this will help, but I enabled mod_dumpio, and recorded the responses both
via the WebLogic plugin (when mod_limitipconn doesn't get the Content-Type) and for a GET
for a resource (GIF) local to the Apache (when mod_limitipconn does get the correct Content-Type):

GOOD (GIF, local to Apache):

[Sat Nov 14 22:24:37 2009] [debug] mod_dumpio.c(74): mod_dumpio:  dumpio_out (data-HEAP):
HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nDate: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 03:24:37 GMT\r\nServer: Apache/2.2.14 (Unix)\r\nLast-Modified:
Sat, 14 Nov 2009 23:41:34 GMT\r\nETag: "3220b-105-4785d510de780"\r\nAccept-Ranges: bytes\r\nContent-Length:
261\r\nKeep-Alive: timeout=5, max=99\r\nConnection: Keep-Alive\r\nContent-Type: image/gif\r\n\r\n

BAD (via the WebLogic Plugin/module):

[Sat Nov 14 22:17:24 2009] [debug] mod_dumpio.c(74): mod_dumpio:  dumpio_out (data-HEAP):
HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nDate: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 03:17:24 GMT\r\nServer: Apache/2.2.14 (Unix)\r\nX-Powered-By:
Servlet/2.5 JSP/2.1\r\nKeep-Alive: timeout=5, max=100\r\nConnection: Keep-Alive\r\nTransfer-Encoding:
chunked\r\nContent-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8\r\n\r\n

Some of the things that I noticed that are different:

- local ==> Response header Not present 
- Via WebLogic Plugin ==> chunked

- local ==> text/html
- Via WebLogic Plugin ==> text/html; charset=UTF-8

Could either of these (or both) differences be messing the mod_limitipconn module up, preventing
it from getting the Content-Type properly?


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