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From Patrick McManus <>
Subject I'm stuck with an OS X module problem and -mmacosx-version-min=10.5
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 19:23:50 GMT
Hi All,

Here's my problem - I have an apache module that has been happily
running on Mac Leopard for quite a while. I installed snow leopard recently.
If I build it on the SL host, it works fine there too.

Of course, the SL binary will not run on 10.5 - I get linker errors when
apache loads it. That's expected (ok, I forgot it, but its normal) - and
then I rebuilt the module with -mmacosx-version-min=10.5.

The linker errors resolved themselves. Hurrah.

However now the module is broken for me. The handler will run and
the right content-body will flow out, but content-type is consistently
text/plain even though ap_set_content_type(r, "text/html") has been

If I remove the version-min-flag the correct content-type comes out (but
of course the binary is not portable anymore).

I tracked it down further to some interactions with filters and the
brigade code.

I have a simple example below which sets up a brigade directly out of
the handler, but it doesn't even do anything with it. (the real code
inserts it as a filter and deals with data streamed in - this change is
made to create a minimal example - the symptoms are identical). If this
brigade could is called and version-min is set - then content-type is
not honored. If EITHER the brigade calls or the version-min is omitted,
then content-type works fine. You'll see nothing is even done with the
brigade, and the HTTP request is a GET anyhow.

#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

#include "httpd.h"
#include "http_config.h"
#include "http_core.h"
#include "http_protocol.h"
#include "http_request.h"
#include "http_connection.h"
#include "http_log.h"

#include "apr_strings.h"
#include "apr_lib.h"            /* for apr_isspace */
#include "apr_base64.h"         /* for apr_base64_decode et al */
#include "apr_file_io.h"

#define MGI_TYPE   "application/mgi"
#define MGI_SCRIPT "mgi-script"

static int mgi_handler(request_rec *r)
  if (r->handler == NULL)
    return DECLINED;
  if (strcmp(r->handler, MGI_TYPE) && strcmp(r->handler, MGI_SCRIPT))
    return DECLINED;

      apr_status_t rv;
      apr_bucket_brigade *bb;
      bb = apr_brigade_create(r->pool, r->connection->bucket_alloc);
      rv = ap_get_brigade(r->input_filters, bb, AP_MODE_READBYTES,
                          APR_BLOCK_READ, HUGE_STRING_LEN);
    ap_set_content_type (r,"text/fake");
    ap_rwrite ("foobit", 6, r);
    return OK;

static void mgi_register_hooks(apr_pool_t *p)
    ap_hook_handler (mgi_handler, NULL, NULL, APR_HOOK_MIDDLE);

module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA mgi_module =
    NULL,    /* per-directory config creator */
    NULL,     /* dir config merger */
    NULL,  /* server config merger */
    NULL, // todo mgi_cmds,                 /* command table */
    mgi_register_hooks,       /* set up other request processing hooks

Compiled like so (on 10.6  xcode 3.2.1 (and 3.2.0 - same result) using
the apache 2.2.13 distributed on SL)

gcc -Wall -Wno-multichar -fPIC -g -arch x86_64 -arch i386 -arch ppc -mmacosx-version-min=10.5
-I /usr/include/apr-1.0/ -I /usr/include/apr-1/ -I `/usr/sbin/apxs -q INCLUDEDIR` -DAPACHE_MODULE
-c -o mod_mgi.o mod_mgi.c
gcc -Wall -Wno-multichar -fPIC -g -arch x86_64 -arch i386 -arch ppc -mmacosx-version-min=10.5
-I /usr/include/apr-1.0/ -I /usr/include/apr-1/ -I `/usr/sbin/apxs -q INCLUDEDIR` -DAPACHE_MODULE
-fPIC -shared -flat_namespace -undefined warning -o mod_mgi.o

Like I said, either removing that brigade code that doesn't do anything or
removing the compiler flag gets the content-type text/fake that you
would expect.. but this example has been boiled down, the real module of
course needs a useful input filter and its really strange to expect
different output results based on that flag anyhow.

Is there potentially a problem because core apache isn't compiled with
that flag? And if that's the case, how could a 3rd party construct a
module that can run on either revision of the OS? Do I need multiple
binaries that are sorted out by the installer? Yech, hope that isn't the

Thanks again for any help you can muster. I appreciate it.


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