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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Fwd: mod_deflate feature needed
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:46:16 GMT
Looks like this got lost in the ether ...

Begin forwarded message:
> On 15 Jul 2009, at 23:39, Anthony J. Biacco wrote:
>> I'm trying to use mod_deflate to compress data coming out of tomcat
>> through mod_jk and need the proper content-length header set for the
>> COMPRESSED data, but can't do this because the data is streamed  
>> and sent
>> after the headers are set, therefore we don't know the compressed
>> content-length until after the fact.
>> I'd either like to request a option to enable such a feature where  
>> I can
>> have the compressed data buffered, the headers set, and then the data
>> sent.
> That's the wrong approach.  Think modular!
> The right approach is to insert another filter after mod_deflate
> to do your buffering (and of course note its effect on performance
> and potential role in a DoS attack).  The existing content_length
> filter would make a startingpoint.
> Or, better, fix your client to support HTTP, without the need for
> a Content-Length header.
> -- 
> Nick Kew

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