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From "Michele Waldman" <>
Subject RE: Location of Apache Modules
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 18:16:44 GMT
> Did your browser send digest credentials on the ajax request?  You can
> log %{Authorization}i in the access log to quickly tell.

Yes.  The browser is sending the creditials.  I did check this.  That's what
was hanging me up.

> If credentials were sent, can mod_log_config log a %u or were they
> ignored (due to no Require, satisfy any, etc)?
On the first request it's login in.

On the second request, a user is already logged in and it's not utilizing
the creditials to login, but it is using them to access the page being

I'm not sure what you mean by " can mod_log_config".  Is that the file that
performs the login?  Do you think sending a header can force the new login?


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