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From Dave Ingram <>
Subject Re: How can i decrypt a cookie in a module
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:24:11 GMT
Christian Klinger wrote:
> thanks for the answers, but i don´t get it.
> I try to add the Icrypto in my Makefile i get the error again:
> [snip]
That's a font issue - it's actually a lowercase L (for library) rather
than an uppercase i (for include directory).

> What file should i include to the LoadFile? Blowfish.h
I believe the LoadFile should be the path to the OpenSSL crypto library,
which would be something like /usr/lib/ (but you may need to
select a specific version). See the docs at

> Sorry i´m a newbie in this stuff.
Everyone starts somewhere :-)


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