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From "Sorin Manolache" <>
Subject Re: Wrapping an existing hook (2.0)
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 15:40:03 GMT
Normally, the check_user_id of the proprietary module should return
DECLINE if the AuthType does not match its auth type. Let us assume
that the auth type of the proprietary module is "saf". The auth type
is set with the AuthType directive.

So, what you could do is to change the auth type in the configuration
from "saf" to your auth type, say "rick". Then, in your check_user_id,
you write

r->auth_type = "saf";
code = ap_run_check_user_id(r); // this will call the check_user_id
hook of the proprietary module. This is a re-entrant call
switch (code) {
// your actions

But this works only if you can afford to replace "saf" with "rick" in
the configuration and if the proprietary module declines non-saf
authentication types. Hopefully you're lucky, I have never tried the
solution I'm proposing.


On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 17:11, Houser, Rick <> wrote:
> I'm relatively new to module development, but I have a need to wrap a
> function in a proprietary module (no source) registered via a
> check_user_id hook in a proprietary module (mod_auth_saf).  Basically, I
> need to detect an expired password condition.  I've already tried to use
> the normal pre/post hook registration, but that function returns an
> HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED (some internal basic auth password change feature)
> instead of DECLINE, so Apache never runs my call.
> I think my best option is to locate the check_user_id function pointer
> and replace it with a new function.  This new function would still make
> the call to the proprietary function, but would allow inspection of the
> results instead of terminating the request.
> Does this sound reasonable?  Any hints as to how I could obtain the
> function pointer I'd need to make this all work?
> Thanks,
> Rick Houser
> Auto-Owners Insurance
> Systems Support
> (517)703-2580

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