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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: does ibm http server implement ALL the features of apache httpd
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 15:23:51 GMT
apache a wrote:
> this is what it tells on this page
> The contents of any file with a .asis extension will then be sent by Apache
> to the client with almost no changes. In particular, HTTP headers are
> derived from the file itself according to
> mod_cgi<>rules, so an
> asis file must include valid headers, and may also use the CGI
> Status: header to determine the HTTP response code.
> it says ALMOST no changes
> i was looking for absolutely no changes at all

First, IBM is the group you wish to talk to regarding whether or not it 
supports, alters, etc., any data.

As for the "absolutely no changes", there should be absolutely no 
changes if you DON'T put any added modules in line (e.g. output filters, 
etc) into the mix.  If you start playing with filters, the data can 
change, and it's the modules that really have control over what 
changes.  Due to the modular form of apache, apache cannot guarantee 
anything.  If you REALLY want absolute control, write your own web server.

Again, if you desire to know what the IBM-compiled web server is capable 
of, please contact them.  On this list, you may only get "unofficial" 
and "word-of-mouth" answers, which may or may not be accurate.  It 
shouldn't take a rocket scientist to understand the concept that one 
should go to the producer to understand the product.  Since IBM compiled 
it, they may have patches in there that effect the things you ask about.


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