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From Mike <>
Subject Re: using mod_deflate inside a module
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 10:06:36 GMT
On 7/4/07, Marco Spinetti <> wrote:
> So are you telling me that I should call deflate_in_filter (which is
> defined inside mod_defalte) inside my module and then go on with the
> uncompressed result?
> Could you give me some suggestion about how to do it?
you need to include mod_deflate in config:
LoadModule mod_deflate....

then in function where you call hooks you need to put this function:
ap_add_output_filter("INFLATE", ctx, req, conn);

and you'll have inflate filter right before your own. chekc docs for
proper usage and parameters.

module my_module = {
  my_create_dir_conf,		/* Create config rec for Directory */
  my_merge_dir_conf, 		/* Merge config rec for Directory */
  my_create_svr_conf,		/* Create config rec for Host */
  my_merge_svr_conf, 		/* Merge config rec for Host */
  my_cmds,           		/* Configuration directives */
  my_hooks <--- add ap_add... function call into body of this function...
} ;

Kind regards.

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