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From Giuliano Gavazzi <>
Subject Re: Case insensitive file systems and caching mechanisms.
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 21:10:12 GMT

On 15 Jun 2007, at 07:02, Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> This is all well and good on Windows, but on MacOSX one also has a
> case insensitive but case preserving filesystem in the form of HFS and
> HFS+. On MacOSX though, the apr_filepath_merge() follows the UNIX
> behaviour where APR_FILEPATH_TRUENAME doesn't actually do anything and
> the case in the path is left as it was in the input.
> 1. For MacOSX assume that file systems will be case insensitive and
> lower case r->filename before using it as the key in the caching
> system. To cope with possibility that someone may use UFS, or some
> time down the track ZFS, provide a directive which could be used to
> indicate that a directory/file system is actually case sensitive. Ie.,
> push it back into user to do manual configuration where required.

let me just point out that it's quite some time since on MacOSX you  
can use a case preserving Apple_HFSX.
I like the manual configuration idea, where you should also be able  
to configure a default value.

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