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From Maikel Punie <>
Subject mod vhost sql
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2007 07:12:45 GMT

I'm trying to write a mod_vhost_mysql, but this time one that can get
all the data from the mysql db, and not just the docroot.

So basically for every request the ap_hook_translate_name() is called to
handle the function inside my module.
at the moment for every request thats done the modules does the following:
1- create a db connection
2- do the sql query
3- parse results
4- close db
5- return OK

basically this isn't really nice to handle, creating a db connection and
closing it for every request will create an enormous pressure on the
mysql db server.
So now the question, is there a hook (or hooks) that is defined so i can
call it,
1- just before the server actually starts running (after config parsing
i guess)
2- just before the server stops running

this way i could open up the db connection with hook one, and close it
with hook two, this will decrease the load on the db server.


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