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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject Re: translate_name and/or map_to_storage hooks
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 04:51:52 GMT
On 4/5/07, Graham Dumpleton <> wrote:
> In a translate name handler, if you assign to r->filename then the map
> to storage phase will still kick in and ensure that Apache has access
> to whatever you set r->filename to. Thus, you still need a Directory
> directive corresponding to the physical location you set r->filename
> to that marks it as accessible. The translate name handler, unless you
> also override map to storage handler to work around it, is not really
> for setting the target to a virtual resource.

Thank you, that does make sense.

> I could try and suggest other approaches, but don't really grasp how
> you want all this to work so would just probably going around in
> circles. If in the first instance all you want to do is rewrite URLs
> to give a different view to the clients, I still suggest you at least
> first use mod_rewrite to produce what you want. I know you don't want
> to use mod_rewrite in the long run, but being able to see a set of
> mod_rewrite rules that demonstrate exactly what you want makes it
> easier for anyone to understand as it is clearer than some English
> description.


Here is my problem:  I have been a C/C++ programmer for over 10 years
and have been working in .Net for the last two, but it has ALL be on
the desktop, I have very, very limited experience with web
development.  I am simply looking for the best, most flexible approach
possible.  In the short term, I am going to be keeping the HTML
generation in PHP, depending on how hard it is to do this module (it
is taking up a HUGE amount of time, though I am enjoying it) I would
like to port the HTML generation to the module, also.

With time the whole application will grow with complexity.  From a
HTML perspective, there is only two pages, one that displays indexes
of images, the other that displays a larger view of one image.  In
time, there will be shopping charts, admin pages, extra.

How do I want it all to tie together?  I really don't know, I have
never been able to find any good documentation on how to put together
a complex web application and keep it manageable, thus this is
ultimately the advise I am seeking.  I am completely open to how it
should all work.  Any suggestions?  (for now, assume that the whole
application will be in the apache module.)


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