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From bronto <>
Subject how to say to apache, to not send headers
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:17:01 GMT
Hi there experts,

I have a module written by me, which (less or more) serves content. 
Everything went well until we ran some JMeter tests, which has 
discovered that keep-alive requests, to our module, are returning 
zero-sized OK pages (I mean code 200, with content-length:0). Ethereal 
discovered that it actually served the content, _but_ after that apache 
sends out another headers. Which is certainly ok, because it thinks that 
there was no content sent.

What I need, is a way how can I tell apache, to stop processing the 
particular request.
But my guess is, that it actually sends headers right after it knows the 
length of content and stuff.

some points:
   - I can create headers (they are pretty static, except the 
content-length) (actually, as you could figure out, I *am* creating 
headers through the process of serving the content)
   - I know the length of content prior to sending it to the socket
   - I can't use buckets, brigades or any kind of buffers. The reason 
is, that the content is being sent directly to socket by an external 
library linked with my module.

Are you aware of any process how this could be done ?

I still could close the socket, which I am writing to...but this is 
awkward one, don't you think ? And it's not a solution, since we are 
trying to keep the connection up to serve multiple requests :)

Thanks a lot, I'm looking forward to your suggestions/questions

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