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From Erica Zhang <>
Subject Some question about adding some independent module or middleware to intercept HTTP requests
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:56:24 GMT

Now, I want to aggregate some HTTP requests on client and then send 
those requests by use of one file. So I need to parse the file on the 
server. Then handle those requests one by one. To realize those 
purposes. I want to intercept HTTP request from the client and after 
doing analysis and operations on the request, input those parsed 
requests to Apache HTTP Server (or other kinds of server. I do not want 
this module or middleware to be limited special platform.). Then the web 
server would work as before.

Is there some way to work it out ? I just want to do it as follows: I 
will catch the request file by use of another port different with HTTP 
server and then send the analyzed request by use of HTTP client to the 
Apache HTTP Server one by one. Is that OK ? Additionally, how will it 
affect the performance ?  Is there some way for me to input those 
request just like a local call instead of using HTTP client ? Also, 
which way is better for me to transfer the request file from client to 
the server ?



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