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From Todd Esposito <>
Subject Re: Whitescreens when using a dir-conf merge function
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 00:11:18 GMT
Hi David,

David Wortham wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I'm adding a merge function (for use with directory-based configuration
> and server-based configuration).
> When I finished the function, I noticed that it was causing whitescreens
> (empty responses).
"White screens" in my experience are often caused by the apache process 
segfaulting (though you didn't mention what platform you are on; this is 
unix-ish).  Have you checked your apache error log to see if this is the 
case?  You also may want to change your LogLevel to "debug" to get the 
most information possible into those logs.
> As you can see below, I allocate memory via 'apr_pcalloc' and then I:
> (1) loop through each existing 'rbl_handler' from the parentdir_cfg, 
> copying
> it to the new_dir_cfg, then
> (2) loop through each existing 'rbl_handler' from the subdir_cfg, 
> copying it
> to the new_dir_cfg.
A VERY brief look at your code looks like you're moving pointers; you 
may want to consider using apr_pstrdup and/or memcpy instead, unless you 
are SURE the pointers in question are pointing at things which are in a 
long-life pool.



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