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From ""<>
Subject Share data between modules
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 12:41:48 GMT
I'd like to share an apr_hash_t between different modules.
In my apache 2.2 I have three different modules: each one should parse
an xml file at startup and create a hash table. Because the xml
configuration file is the same for all my modules, I'd like to share my
So my idea was that one of the three modules parses the file, creates
the hash_table_t and populates it. Then each child of these modules
should be able to read (only read e not write) the hash table.
Is it possible in your opinion?
The module which create the hash table should create and populate it in
post config.
I suppose that I have to use apr_shm_t (and apr_rmm_init??).
Should yoy give me some hints?
Best regards


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