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From "Brian McQueen" <>
Subject Re: brigade to stream
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 04:55:57 GMT
This went to the wrong list.  It should've gone to modules-dev.

Anyway, I have a better plan than the first one I proposed, so you can
read my bad plan below, and then my improved solution here.  If the
library I want to use accepts a single large buffer, then I could
probably tweek it to accept an iovec without breaking a sweat.  I
could even submit a patch to the guys who make the library (some open
source thing).  I bet they'd even like that.  Then I'd be able to use
the brigade to iovec thing and it would all fit together very well.


On 10/13/06, Brian McQueen <> wrote:
> I have a library function that reads from a file descriptor, and I'd
> like to jam it into a filter.  I've been thinking that GNU libc has
> some cool features where one can define custom streams.  If one
> defines a read, write, seek, close and a position data structure, GNU
> libc lets you open a stream via those tools, producing a FILE *.
> Maybe that would allow me to read from a brigade as if it  were a FILE
> * and I could pass it on to this library function.  Of course its very
> platform specific, but that is an overrated virtue anyway.  What do
> you all think of the specific idea, and do you have any better way for
> me to get access to this library?  I could give the library a buffer
> too, but the buffer would be way too large, so I want something more
> stream oriented.  I'd like to be able to hand off a brigade to the
> library, but of course nobody else has brigades.
> Brian

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